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Personal travel safety advice

July 27, 2013

One of the great ways to experience a new destination is to simply immerse yourself into it! However, as with anywhere, there are select elements of the local community who prey on the vulnerable. We have received many tips and advise from our travellers on the best way to do reduce vulnerability, and protect safety while enjoying the amazing sights. Some of these ideas may be simple commonsense, while others you may not have thought about:

* Moving Around at Night:  Obviously avoiding dimly lit and seemingly uninhabited areas is good personal safety practise.  Stay in well lit areas, where there are lots of people.  Any place that gives you an initial, serious feeling of unease is best avoided

*Do not leave valuables in your room.  It is not good enough simply to lock (or hide) valuable items and money in your suitcase.  Passports, cash, cameras, and so on should always be kept secured either in the room safe provided, or in the main hotel safety box usually available at hotel reception.  Even during a short absence from the room for breakfast lock up or carry anything you can't afford to lose.  Keep your door locked at ALL times and make use of the spy-hole and safety door chain before opening the door to anyone